About the Conference

The gDigiHealth.KEE Conference is the Annual Global Academy for Digital Health Conference that is envisioned to become a global forum for knowledge exchange of the state-of-the-art research and development in digital health technologies, and for enabling and empowering stakeholders engaged in enriching and enhancing the patient healthcare journey.

The 2024 gDigiHealth.KEE conference is jointly organized by the Global Academy for Digital Health, UK, and Al Ain University, United Arab Emirates.

The 2024 gDigiHealth.KEE Conference is jointly organized by the Global Academy for Digital Health, UK, and Al Ain University, United Arab Emirates.

Global Academy for Digital Health (GA4DH) defines Digital Health as "the employment of digital technologies to enable and empower healthcare providers, whether people or organizations, to deliver innovative solutions to enrich and enhance the patient healthcare journey". The gDigiHealth.KEE conference is inspired by GA4DH's mission, and accordingly, the conference is aimed at contributing to reducing the healthcare divide amongst nations and people through the employment of digital health technologies.

The 2024 gDigiHealth.KEE Conference seeks to attract distictive submissions of research papers, doctoral research proposals, and workshops/tutorial proposals in various digital health research and development areas. In particualr, the 2024 gDigiHealth.KEE Conference is aimed at addressing unmet needs of digital healthcare strategy and policymakers, and providing accessibility to next generation novel digital healthcare research and development output in the following areas:

• AI and the Patient Journey
• Digital Pathology Technologies Frameworks, Processes, and Technologies
• Radiomics Methods, Processes and Technologies
• Epigenetics digital processes, methods, and frameworks
• Smart Hospital Frameworks
• Digital Health Standards
• Quality of Life (QoL) Modelling for NCDs
• Data Analytics Methods and Approaches to Digital Healthcare
• Digital Healthcare Frameworks for Caring for People with Disabilities
• Telemedicine & Intelligent Digital Platforms
• Robotics-enabled Surgery
• Clinical Cancer Informatics
• Digital Tumor Boards, Methods and Technologies
• Digital Health Knowledge Management, Methods, and Technologies
• Healthcare Quality Governance and Change Management with Digital Health
• Information Strategy & Architecture for Digital Health
• Process architectural frameworks for Digital Health
• Legal, Social, Ethical, and Professional (LSEP) for Digital Health

Conference Digital Health Exhibition

Selected key leading leading international digital health technology providers are being appointed to run an introduction of their innovation in plenary sessions and demonstrate their key digital health technologies products in the state of the art 2024 gDigiHealth.KEE Conference Exhibition. Interested leading digital health technology providers can visit the conference Corporate Sponsorship Packages Section.

Conference Publications

(Proceedings & Shortlisted Papers for Journals)

  • All accepted papers will be published with dedicated ISBN for the gDigiHealth.KEE annual conference proceeding books.
  • Shortlisted papers will be selected to be extended for submission to publishing in targeted impactful healthcare journals in relation to the conference KEE digital health-specific areas.

Proposals and Research Papers' Submission

Manuscripts should be prepared in 10-point font using the IEEE 8.5" x 11" two-column format (IEEE Templates). All papers should be in PDF format and submitted electronically at Paper Submission Link. A full paper must not exceed 8 pages (including all figures, tables, and references). Submitted papers must present original, unpublished research not currently under review for any other conference or journal. Papers not following these guidelines may be rejected without review.

Submission of papers can now be found here (Conference Submission System)

  • The Doctoral Consortium of the gDigiHealth.KEE conference has been established to become a regular annual forum for candidate Ph.D. students and researchers who are about or in their early stages of planning or undertaking their Ph.D. research journey in digital health. Ph.D. research proposals are encouraged to submit in the areas of the conference 'CALL FOR PAPERS’ Section, but are not necessarily limited to these, as long as they fit the focus of digital health research. Submitted Ph.D. research proposals will be reviewed by experienced professors and faculty members who have been engaged in Ph.D. research supervision for many years. Accepted Ph.D. research proposals will be invited to present their research proposals to receive feedback during the conference run from different stakeholders involved in digital health research and are attending the conference. This is anticipated to provide a great and distinctive opportunity for such candidate Ph.D. research students to meet and discuss their research ideas, methods, plans, etc., with researchers with different levels of expertise in related disciplines. Accepted Ph.D. research proposals will be published as extended abstracts in the gDigiHealth conference proceedings.

    During the gDigiHealth conference, the Doctoral Consortium will run in two sessions. In the first session, candidate Ph.D. research students will showcase their accepted research proposals in public. Then, in the second session, they will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the designated Ph.D. consortium committee, meet key researchers interested in their research in digital health, engage with other Ph.D. researchers, and develop networking in their designated areas of research interests.

    Each submission will be reviewed by at least two senior research academics in the designated field of the submitted Ph.D. research proposal. Accepted proposals will be required to join the gDigiHealth Doctoral Consortium and pay the registration fees of the gDigiHealth.KEE  2024 main conference, but only paying student registration fees.

    Call for Submission

    Candidate or current Ph.D. research students will need to submit, to the gDigiHealth Ph.D. Consortium, a maximum of 6-pages proposal about their doctoral research work using the gDigiHealth.KEE  2024 Conference Submission System found here

    The Ph.D. Research Proposal should include the following:

    • Title of the Ph.D. research work,
    • Name of the Ph.D. student, affiliated organisations, and contact details (with email address),
    • Research supervisory team, affiliated organisations, and contact details (email address),
    • The research aims, objectives, hypotheses, and research questions,
    • Research gap analysis, alluding to the anticipated significant novel contributions to knowledge reflecting on extending existing or current research in progress,
    • The research methodology and research framework design,
    • The integrated research evaluation framework and research case studies,
    • Research plan,
    • Work in progress and key outcomes attained,
    • Acknowledgments of possible contributions and support of industrial and academic partners.

    The deadline for doctoral proposal submission is February 15, 2024.

    Selected submissions, with further possible extensions and revisions, will be published in the gDigiHealth.KEE conference main proceeding book as extended abstracts.

  • The organizing committee of the gDigiHealth.KEE  2024 conference cordially invites workshop and tutorial proposals in relation to critical research areas in digital health not explicitly mentioned in the conference call for research papers. Prospective workshops/tutorials organizers should write fit-for-purpose proposals and submit to the conference organizers via the email: info@ga4dh.org, which will be directed to the gDigiHealth.KEE  2024 Conference Workshop Chairs for review. Please follow the following structure when you prepare your proposals:

    * Title of the workshop/tutorial (Full name and abbreviation).

    * Objectives, scope, and contribution to the main conference.

    * Short bio of the key organizers and their experience running workshops/tutorials.

    * A tentative list of workshop/tutorial program committee members.

    * The expected length of the workshop (3-hours, half-day or full-day)

    Prospective workshops/tutorials should avoid significant topic overlap with main conference research papers tracks. Approved workshops/tutorials proposals should strictly follow the gDigiHealth.KEE conference published Key Dates, particularly the paper status notification and camera-ready dates for workshops. Workshops papers’ submission deadline can be later than the main conference research papers’ submission, with sufficient time, for example 4-6 weeks or more, for generating high-quality peer reviews.

    Call for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals
    Suggested Proposals Submission Deadline: 03/01/2024
    Suggested Proposals' Acceptance Notification: 15/01/2024

Plagiarism Policy & Publication Ethics

gDigiHealth.KEE does not accept plagiarism in submitted research papers, workshop/tutorial proposals, and doctoral consortium proposals. All submissions to the gDigiHealth.KEE Conference will undergo plagiarism check, and suspected submissions will be assessed by the technical programme committee chairs to proceed for peer review or immediate rejection.

Key Conference Dates

Workshop/Tutorial Proposal Submission 03/01/2024
Main Track Papers Submission 31/03/2024
Acceptance Notification of Workshop/Tutorial Proposals 15/01/2024
Ph.D. Consortium Proposals Submission 10/04/2024
Acceptance Notification of Main Track Papers 01/05/2024
Acceptance Notification of Doctoral Consortium Proposals 01/05/2024
Camera-Ready Papers Submission 15/05/2024
Workshop Papers Camera Ready SubmissionPh.D. Consortium Proposals Camera Ready Submission 15/05/2024

Conference Committees

  • Mohammed Odeh Global Academy for Digital Health, UK
    Ghaleb Al-Refai Al Ain University, UAE
  • Faten Kharbat Al Ain University, UAE
    Rana Dajani Robert Bosch Academy, Germany
  • Ismael Matalqah President Ras Al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University, UAE
    Hatem HerzAllah Ex-Chief Eastern Region Prevention & Control, Medical Network Services (now John Hopkins), Saudi Aramco, KSA
    Nazih Mallat Vice President for Quality Assurance, Al Ain University, UAE
    Haythem Bany Salameh Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, Al Ain University, UAE
    AbdulSalam Al Saleh Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist, NHS, UK
    Wael Kafienah Regenerative Medicine, University of Bristol, UK
    Abdullah KARADAĞ Life Science VP, TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Turkey
    Bassam Hijawii Public Health Advisor, Jordan Center for Disease Control, Epidemiologist, Jordan
    Sami Khatib Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Early Detection, President of Arab Medical Association Against Cancer, Jordan
  • Founding Members

    Mohammed Odeh Global Academy for Digital Health, UK
    Faten Kharbat Al Ain University, UAE

    Invited Members 2024 Run

    Ismael Matalqah Ras Al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University, UAE
    Ibtehal Aburezeq Al Ain University, UAE
    Amer Qasim Al Ain University, UAE
  • Dina Tbaishat Zayed University, UAE
    Yazeed Ghadi Al Ain University, UAE
    Heba Saadeh University of Jordan, Jordan
  • Huseyin Seker Birmingham City University, UK
    Omer Rana Cardiff University, UK
    Nasser Al-Shanti Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
    Qutaibah Al Thebyan Al Ain University, UAE
  • Reema Abu Al-Rub Global Academy for Digital Health, Bristol, UK
    Rand Al-Shafie Global Academy for Digital Health, Bristol, UK
    Lama Taha Taha IP, Jordan
  • Yazan Al Ahmed Al Ain University, UAE
    Omar Najim Al Ain University, UAE
    Lina Chehayber Al Ain University, UAE
    Esraa Hijah Al Ain University, UAE
    Esra Alnashash Al Ain University, UAE
    Huda Alheeh Al Ain University, UAE
  • Abdullah KARADAĞ TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Turkey
    AbdulRahman Odeh Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust,UK
    Ali Al-Gharbali University of Ottawa, Canada
    Anwar Rjoop University Hospital, University of Science and Technology, Jordan
    Basam Hammo Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
    Dina Tbaishat Zayed University, UAE
    Faris Al-Dahiyat Al Ain University, UAE
    Heba Saadeh University of Jordan, Jordan
    Huseyin Seker Birmingham City University, UK
    Jamil Razmak Al Ain University, UAE
    Is'haq Uri Southmead Hospital, NHS, UK
    Issam Al-Azzoni Al Ain University, UAE
    Lina Al-Qatawneh The University of Jordan, Jordan
    Loay Abudalu Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, UK
    Ma'n Zawati McGill University, Montreal, Canada
    Mahmoud Al Balas Hashemite University, Jordan
    Mario Kossmann Lilium, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
    Mehmet Aydin University of the West of England, UK
    Mohammad Ghattas Al Ain University, UAE
    Nasser Al-Shanti Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
    Nour Al-dain Marzouka Khalifa University, UAE
    Omer Rana Cardiff University, UK
    Rana Yousef University of Jordan, Jordan
    Rana Dajani Robert Bosch Academy, Germany
    Saqib Iqbal Al Ain University, UAE
    Thalia Arwai American University of Beirut, Lebanon
    Wael Kafienah Bristol University, UK
    Yazeed Ghadi Al Ain University, UAE
    Yousra Odeh Applied Sciences University, Jordan

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