Ke Wu

École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada

Mona Jarrahi

University of California at Los Angles (UCLA), USA.

Yahia Antar

Royal Military College (RMC), Canada.

Tayeb Denidni

University of Quebec - INRS, Canada.

Akram Alomainy

Queen Mary University of London, UK.

About the Conference

The goal of the MMS2016 is to provide an excellent opportunity for prospective authors to present research progress and recent developments in Radio-Frequency (RF), Microwave related topics, Antenna Technologies, Wireless Communications, and in a broad range of high-frequency topics, including Terahertz and photonic technologies. The experts will be able to discuss/present the latest product, information, and technology solutions in the RF and microwave industry.


  • Provide a congenial venue for members of the international academic community to present the latest developments and recent advances in relevant fields that include microwave engineering, RF circuits and systems, antenna technologies, wireless communications, and a broad range of high-frequency topics such as terahertz and photonic Technologies.