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The College of Pharmacy at AAU extends a warm invitation to postgraduate students within the UAE and worldwide to attend the 2nd AAU Health and Biomedical Postgraduate Symposium scheduled for February 8th in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This event is meant to provide a unique opportunity for graduate students to enhance their science, advance their skills, explore various career opportunities, interact with experts and peers, expand their professional network, and win valuable prizes in a fun yet challenging setting.


Date:  Thursday, February 8th, 2024.
Location: Al Ain University- Abu Dhabi campus-Mohamed Bin Zayed City
Period: The symposium will be one day. The event is mandatory in person for UAE resident and online is optional for students outside UAE.


Eligible research includes six main domains: Health and Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery, Artificial Intelligence in Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Nutrition and Food Science and Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Sciences.


The competition consists of three categories: oral presentations, poster displays, and a 3-minute thesis competition. Additionally, the conference will feature engaging talks, panel discussions, scientific and social events, such as team-based competitions, employment booth, and a Trivia Night. Valuable cash prizes will be awarded.


The competition is open to all graduate students who are currently enrolled in a master or PhD program or Alumni who graduated within the last 6 months preceding the competition date. Only experimental, original research, comprehensive metanalysis or systemic reviews are allowed. To participate, please register and submit your abstract here


Important Deadline

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, December 15th, 2023


  • Health and Biomedical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery
  • Artificial Intelligence in Health Sciences
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Nutrition and Food Science
  • Pharmacy Practice & Clinical Sciences


Organizing committee and chairs

 Symposium chairs

Khairi Mustafa Salem, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Al Ain University, UAE
Mohammad Ghattas, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Al Ain University, UAE

Organizing committee

Walaa Mousa, Al Ain University, UAE
Mahmoud Abu-Ghoush, Al Ain University, UAE
Rose Ghemrawi, Al Ain University, UAE
Zelal Kharaba, Al Ain University, UAE
Kawthar Kayed, Al Ain University, UAE
Mosab Arafat, Al Ain University, UAE


Scientific and social activities

Team-based scientific competition

Three distinct competitions will be organized, each corresponding to the primary domains of the conference: pharmaceuticals, clinical studies, and nutrition. Participating institutions will be represented by 4-5 student teams, ideally comprising 5 students per team. The competition format will be online, utilizing interactive learning platforms like Kahoot, Quizizz, or TalentLMS for an engaging and dynamic experience.

Three minutes thesis competition (3MT)

This competition is designed specifically for graduate students who have reached an advanced stage in their thesis work. The challenge is to condense the entirety of their research into a comprehensive narrative, highlighting its significance and impact, all within a brief 3-minute timeframe and in a language understandable to a general audience. The format for submission is a recorded video accompanied by a single slide presentation.


Employment booth

A meeting of academic job managers and Principal Investigators (PIs) will be held to discuss recruitment prerequisites and showcase potential job openings.

Trivia night

The trivia questions will focus on topics of general interest, primarily revolving around social themes like football, celebrities, history, culture, and amusing subjects such as cosmetic surgery. Participants will win instant drink or food tickets as prizes.



Poster formatting and display guidelines

  •  Size of the poster is 90 cm width and 150 cm height (vertical format)—double check these matches the display board.
  •  Posters should be displayed on the appropriate board with the designated display code.
  •  All posters should be displayed before 8 am of Feb 8th, 2024. and removed after 6 pm of Feb 8th, 2024.
  •  Presenting author should be present beside the poster during the specified poster sessions. Unattended posters will not be evaluated and will be excluded from the competition.
  •  Materials required to fix the poster will be available at the display hall.

Oral presentations

  •  Timing of the presentation is strict to 15 min only.
  •  The presentation should include a title slide with all names of co-authors and affiliation.
  •  The presentation must clearly state the research question, objectives, methods, main finding, and impact.

3MT Competition

  •  This track is only available for international students.
  •  3 Minute recorded video and 1 slide presentation.
  •  The recorded screen should show the presenter and presentation slides.
  •  The presentation must clearly state the research question, objectives, methods, main finding, and impact.



Opening ceremony


Keynote speaker 1

Research and innovation as aligned with Abu Dhabi Strategic plan


Keynote speaker 2:

Challenges and opportunities in drug discovery


Coffee break


3 Minutes thesis competition (3MT)

A blend of recorded videos and live presentations


Oral presentations

Oral presentations (Domains 1, 2)

Oral presentations (Domains 3, 4)

Oral presentations (Domains 5, 6)


Lunch break



Posters (Domains 1, 2)

Posters (Domains 3, 4)

Posters (Domains 5, 6)


Panel discussion, Career booth, Community outreach

Panel discussion
Hunting for graduate scholarships abroad

Career booth
Demo of job interviews-employment companies

Community Outreach
Open house for prospective future students


Team-based scientific competition


Coffee break


Closing ceremony


Social event - Trivia night

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