Sarah P. Shrader, PharmD

Clinical Associate Professor - University of Kansas School of Pharmacy.

Joseph A. Zorek, PharmD, BCGP, Director

Linking Interprofessional Networks for Collaboration, Associate Professor, School of Nursing - The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

About Workshop


This program is designed to help teams of faculty members and administrators from a university to work together to create a practical plan for the implementation of interprofessional practice and education. Expert faculty will lead discussions and activities to highlight well-published practices from around the world designed to ensure high quality interprofessional practices. This information will be foundational to team-based activities that will occur throughout the workshop. Sessions will discuss all elements of interprofessional education with a focus on theoretical underpinnings as well as using practical approaches when designing IPE curriculum. Participating institutions will be invited to prepare posters to share successes of one or more of their interprofessional programs they implemented.

Individual teams will also have the opportunity to meet with expert faculty on the last (optional) day of the workshop to discuss specific issues related to your home institution.

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