Al Ain University

Headquarters for the Society of Student Affairs Deanship's Management in Arab universities

About the Conference

The Annual Student Conference for the Association of Deanships of Student Affairs is organized by Al Ain University, which serves as the headquarters for the Society of Student Affairs Deanship's Management in Arab universities under the Arab Universities Union. All submitted research papers will undergo peer review by experts in various fields. The conference seeks to attract researchers from students, faculty members and administrative staff in Arab universities. Among its most important goals are:

  •  Encouraging students to participate in scientific research to develop their skills and promote their capabilities.
  •  Providing opportunities for the exchange of experiences among students in Arab universities.
  •  Creating an environment for collaborative work in the field of scientific research.
  •  Exploring the potentials and talents of young learners in various fields and disciplines.


Conference Venue

The conference will be held at Al Ain University, founded in 2004 and licensed by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. The university offers a range of programs across its campuses in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, covering Engineering, Pharmacy, Law, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Communication and Media, and (22) Bachelor's programs, and (8) Master's programs, in addition to the Postgraduate Professional Diploma Program in teaching. All colleges hold international accreditations from reputable scientific institutions.

Conference Topics

1. Attractive Educational Environment and its Importance in Supporting Student Well-being and Enhancing Communication and Dialogue Culture.

2. Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Creating New Opportunities in the Job Market.

3. Health and its role in the lives of university students.

4. Social Media and its Impact on University Students (Pros and Cons).

5. Digital Media and its Role in Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship among University Students.

6. Sustainable Development and the Role of University Students in Promoting it.

7. Supporting and Consolidating the National and Arab Heritage and its Role in Promoting and Consolidating the National Identity.

8. The Impact of Volunteer Work on Students' Lives.

9. The Opportunities and Challenges in Universities and after Graduation from students’ perspectives.

Participation Fees

There are no fees for participating in the conference.


Al Ain University Hosting Privileges

1. Compilation of abstracts and conference pack will be provided to all participants.

2. Welcome reception and dinner on the arrival day for all participants.

3. Hosting two students (for (4) nights) with different research papers from each university of member universities in the Society of Student Affairs Deanship's Management.

4. Closing ceremony and dinner for all participants at the end of the conference.

5. Organizing a free tourist day for all participants.

Participation Requirements

1. The research should align with the conference topics and be presented in either Arabic or English.

2. The research must meet scientific research standards.

3. The paper has not been previously published or accepted for publication.

4. The number of research papers should not exceed 20 pages, including figures, tables, and bibliography, written in 14-point font (Times New Roman), with margins of 2.5 cm.

5. Fulfilling annual subscription fees for the Society of Student Affairs Deanship's Management for the year 2024. To subscribe, click here

Important Dates

  •  Submission Deadline for Full Research Papers: November 30, 2023. To upload the paper Click here
  •  Notification of Acceptance: January 15, 2024
  •  Conference Opening and Events: February 19-20, 2024
  •  Tourist Day: February 21, 2024

Steering Committee

Prof. Ibtehal Mahmoud Aburezeq
Vice President of Al Ain University and Dean of Student Affairs/ General Secretary of the Conference and the Society of Student Affairs Deanship's Management.
Prof. Hala Salem Elmenofy
Dean of the College of Oral and Dental Surgery/ Coordinator of the Student Exchange Center/ Misr University for Science and Technology
Dr. Bassil Mohammad Al Mashaqba
Dean of Student Affairs/ Hashemite University/ Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Dr. Fadi Alan Jumaa
Dean of Student Affairs/ Arab American University/ Palestine
Dr. Mohammed Qasim Jaber
Director of Student Affairs and Registration/ Islamic University/ Lebanon