Dr. Sultan T. Abu-Orabi

Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, Amman, Jordan.

Dr. Adam Fadlalla

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Information Systems College of Business and Eco

Dr. Demetri Kantarelis

Department of Economics & Global Studies-Assumption College, Worcester, MA 01609 USA

About the Conference

The conference is designed to answer all the new questions of Practitioners and Academicians in Business and Economics. What are the implications for national and transnational entities, global wealth distribution, international inflation, and government regulation? What new theories, methods and approaches are available? How should Business and Economics education approach these new challenges?


  • Serve as a medium of open discussion for everyone interested in Business and Economics problems;
  • Facilitate communication between Practitioners and Business / Economics Academicians as they pursue excellence in practice, teaching and research;
  • Promote the disciplines of Business and Economics as fields of study.